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Fastsigns International Inc. (stylized as FASTSIGNS) is the franchisor of Fastsigns centers which provide custom sign and graphics products.There are currently over 700 Fastsigns locations worldwide in United States, Canada, the U.K., the Cayman Islands, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Chile and Australia (where centers operate under the name Signwave). Countries where the company formerly had locations but no longer operates include Brazil (from which it withdrew in 1996) and Argentina.

Sabrina mentioned, "If you care at all about quality and customer service you will steer clear from Fastsigns.

Our original install took place on Thursday, 5/19/16. From my previous review, Ron not only started install extremely late, he also failed to complete it. I immediately left a voicemail and sent an email to Ria letting her know how disappointing the color of the signs and install was. I get it, projects don't always go as planned, as mentioned by Jason's response below, but come on; you are running a business!! Is it really that hard for you to communicate??!!! When I mentioned tile damage to Ria, her response was "that was to be expected." Now let's back track for a second...Ria claimed that Ron knew how our signs were installed and that he was the best for the job. If that were the case why did it A. It take him so long to remove the signs and B. why did he cause so much damage? Without C. saying a word about it? Ron was extremely nice and patient but he was not as familiar with our signage as Ria made him out to be.

Ria "reassured" me that they would re-fabricate our signs and someone would be out on Monday to pick up one of our old signs in order to color match. This should have been done to begin with because how else do you color match something? When I met with their rep initially on 4/7/16 he told me that someone would be by to show us color samples for us to approve. Where was this in the process? oh yes, it NEVER happened! The courier arrived on Monday, took our sign, and went on about his day. The very next day, Ron arrived with new vinyl decal, it was crap! Let's go back for a second, before I even agreed to this second install, Ria claimed that they did "20 different attempts", that was the "best" match for color. In no way, shape, or form was this a match. Ron himself made the comment that the color of the sign was "yellow like the color of pee", Ron's words NOT mine. Ron also commented that he was just there doing what he was told, which I appreciated because as mentioned, Ron was extremely nice but the color was unacceptable.

Bottom line, install did not happen and my Director and I had to call Ria about the terrible color. Fast forward between weeks of back and forth and lousy communication on Ria's behalf, we came to the decision to go back to the original color and have the outsides of the sign sanded and painted to give them a cleaner finish. By 5/26/16, we received another "color match" that needed approval before Ria and Fastsigns agreed to do anything else. A week later, on 6/2/16, I had not heard any update from Ria so I emailed her to inquire as to what the status of the signs were. Ria told me the signs were still in "production" and she would update me on an ETA later in the day. By 6/6/16 I messaged Ria again for an update BUT this time, she informed me that a sample sign was being delivered to me for approval. The previous week she had a decal delivered for me to sign off on, which I did and I am told the signs will be produced. A WEEK later, I am told I need to approve of another sign before production can, terrible service and communication.

After approving the final signage on 6/08/16, I waited to get a confirmation from Ria as to when the new signs would be ready for install. On 6/14/16 I had not heard anything from Ria, so I had to follow up with her. Fast forward to "final" install on 6/23/16 and guess what? It was not completed! I ended up having to call Fastsigns on 6/24/16 to inquire about when I could expect Ron to return. Ria was "not in" and Bryn, the rep who answered the phone didn't have any answers for me so I was told I would receive a call back. By 4:25pm, I get an email from Bryn saying Ron will return on 6/28/16 to finally complete install. After over a MONTH of going back and forth, lousy communication, and terrible service, the install was finally completed on 6/28/16.

Before I wrap this up, let's make a couple things crystal clear!! Fastsigns did ONE site visit, which was when they sent a rep out to take measurements and photos. They NEVER returned to do a color match or seek approval that the color was acceptable. They went off of the photos the rep took. Common sense tells you that colors in a photo are NOT 100% accurate as the lighting from different angles will alter the appearance of colors. Yes, things happen, work is never guaranteed to be perfect, however it should not have taken over a month to rectify the issue. I am more than convinced that their positive reviews are paid for because my experience alone speaks volumes about their work and integrity. Please do not bother responding to this review because your services will never be utilized again."


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Former Employee - Print Technician says

"As a graphic designer, I was expected to install Car wraps, 10 foot lettering, and 20 foot vinyl wraps by myself, without training or proper equipment. I was worked overtime for little pay."

Former Employee - Outside Sales Representative says

"They changed their pay plan for sales reps to the point making commission was almost impossible. Two reps quit in one week after that. Then they foolishly decide to drive their last rep nuts with pointless busy work and they left."

Former Employee - Graphic Design says

"Overworked, underpaid, impossible expectations, poor management, unmet promises."

Production says

"This owner expects more than he is willing to pay for, then when you don’t meet those lofty expectations, you are let go and another person is hired. The churn is high for all roles. Equipment is not accurate and you will be blamed for not babysitting the outputs while you’re busy doing everything else too. Plus, you have to be a cleaning person too. “Bob and weave” is what they’ll tell you."

Former Employee - Graphic Designer says

"Poor pay, no benefits, everyone who worked there hated it"

Former Employee - Sales says

"bad pay no benefits no support"

Former Employee - Graphic Designer says

"The pay was terrible, the owner was a bully, no benefits, plus I was let go because he didn’t have enough money then he turned around and hired someone else the same day."

Former Employee - Sign Maker says

"never good enough to satisfy customers demands"

Former Employee - Graphic Designer says

"Terrible management from the owner. I was here for less than two months, throughout this time the owner fired and hired a new sales person every week. Never gave a single employee proper training. She also had a really bad attitude and was never in a good mood. The owner has very sketchy business practices."

Former Employee - Customer Service Representative says

"Fastsigns is a franchise. At the location I was employed, Myrtle Beach, the owners were incredibly condescending and created a negative work environment. The pay was low, and I was told to handle issues that were far outside of the scope of my job duties. This was one of the worst places I had to work. I was the 7th CSR to work the front desk in 3 years."

Visual Communications Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I was fired for calling out to take my sick Autistic child to urgent care with covid symptoms during a global pandemic. The owner was completely unsympathetic. NoneUnsympathetic"

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"They pay sales reps 11 dollars an hour and keep reminding how MUCH their paying them. Toxic environment, have a 50% turnover rate.most expensive sign company in town.None, They brag about a great medical plan, Until you wait 3 months and find you cant add your spouse to it.Controlling owner, Doesn't trust her employees, Three reps quit or let go in 1 month, They actually tell employees this is the best job out there before they walk out, totally unrealistic expectations of how much business' SHOULD spend on signs, then blame sales when business owner laughs at their estimate, so happy not there anymore"

Graphic Designer (Former Employee) says

"There are not enough hours in the day to detail the issues this place has. There was a lot of turnover for a very small business, and maybe one person wasn’t miserable working there."

Vinyl Graphics Installer (Former Employee) says

"Fast Signs of Monroe Michigan had absolutely no idea what they're doing. As an installer it was by far the most frustrating job I've ever had. Poor work instructions, general lack of attention to detail. All they care about is making money and making their quota every month. They say yes to every job without taking into account all that is involved. And then stick it on the installer when things go wrong."

Customer Service/Graphic Designer (Former Employee) says

"I was hired during FastSigns slow season and was told I would be a full time employee. After working there a month I was asked to be part time. A month and a half later I was let go. And told that I was untrainable."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Don’t work here! They have backwards priorities and lack ability to train new employees with no previous experience. If FastSigns Corp. knew how many corporate rules they are breaking or ignoring they would lose their franchise."

Experienced customer service (Former Employee) says

"Horrible experience and management sucks! Associates are mean and racist. Owner is scared of her employees and won’t say anything to address the situation."

Installation Lead (Current Employee) says

"This job was very unorganized the management didn't know what was going on, and the hours were ridiculous. They expected you to get all scheduled installs done by the end of the day no matter how late it got"

Team lead (Former Employee) says

"low pay, no benefits, no vacation, bonuses are promised but never paid. Raises are promised but never paid while the owners drive around in a pair of brand new luxury vehiclesnoneapplying there in the first place"

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Manager is a perv you sit and listen to old story’s about all his ex employees he talked so much that hour time get taken up by a meeting held everyday"

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"I hated working at this place. I worked long hours just to be taken advantaged off and for what to be fired for nothing. I worked 830 till 6pm and later."

Production associate - Graphic Designer (Former Employee) says

"This job boosted the ability to advance and learn new design skills, but failed 100%. They only allowed a few days of training and ending up need just a production worker. Not a good job for an individual looking to improve their skill set."

Outside Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"This job was by far the worst job I have ever had. Insane expectations, micro-management, and the owner is a snake. There was so much gossip and politics."

Visual Communication Expert (Outside Sales) says

"Owner of this store is not professional and treats his employees as if he owns them and he has no problem expressing it. The manager here is very old school and is not open to new ideas and suggestions and that becomes a problem because she is the head of the graphics department. Poorly managed get a paycheckOwner does not keep his word when it comes time to pay comission"

Outside Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Benefits and pay change at the whim of the owner with little to no warning, vacation days are removed as soon as you start, and there is clear favoritism towards the people that have been there an extended period of time to the point that very little gets done in a timely manner and all blame is assessed to the newer employees."

Sign Installer / Production Specialists (Former Employee) says

"Manager was very unprofessional. Pay was very low and they did not intend to give a raise even after all the training and things I had learned with the company in order to progress."

Center/Sales Manager (Former Employee) says

"Owners have no clue, they have no rhyme or reason when It comes to charging a customer and will change the price to suit their needs. THey did not have a production team and therefore cost relationships with clients that I have built up."

Outside Sales Representative (Current Employee) says

"it is a place to go to work and earn a pay but is no place for a future. This is a typical dead end job with no chance to advance."

Graphic Designer/Production Artist (Former Employee) says

"A typical work day at Fast Signs ranged from 8-12 hrs. It was very fast paced and things were often demanded in an unreasonable amount of time. The owner constantly micro managed us a rarely trusted the designers to do their job. All of the co-workers got along great but were constantly stressed out due to one of the owners. The hardest part of the job was dealing with the outrageous demands of the owner. The most enjoyable part of the job was getting to produce some of the signs, banners, etc from start to finish. I also enjoyed getting to see the clients face when they received what we had created for them.Learned how to produce a sign for start to finishManagement, long hours, production expectations, short lunches if busy"

Customer Service Representative/Sales/Estimator (Former Employee) says

"This is has no growth for their employees. It doesn't offer any type of benefits for their employees. You just going work for the CEO and make him wealthy,,,It kind of remind you of how Walmart treats their. employees I would recommend this company to any one whose looking for advancement. Really they don't deserve any kind of growth, no benefits, compensations."

Neil munro says

"I have now ordered from this company on two occasions and have up to now had a very positive experience with excellent customer service and excellent quality signs. Four weeks ago I made contact with them to make another order which I thought would be a simple process as per previous experience but how wrong could I be !!. I can understand that the covid virus has set some issues with there business but that said most other businesses have managed to maintain excellent customer services sadly this is not the case here with Fast Signs. I have always dealt with Laura who has excellent interpersonal skills and always puts the customer first. On this recent attempted order I have talked to Celia (Manager)who at first came across well and said she would send the sign proof via email along with the invoice. I recived an invoice but no sign proof . Rang up today and was informed that I needed to pay a deposit before proof was sent although I did explain that this has not been asked of me before on two previous orders and asked why was this the case now considering we are now on phone call number 7 trying to get the signs made. I was told that my details would be passed on to the customer account manager and she would call me back. Celia called me back and what I can only describe as truly awful customer service where she in so many words called me a liar. I am left quite upset be my whole experience with this company considering my previous positive dealings with a professional lady. As you can all probably guess I ended up telling Celia that I did not like here attitude and would be hanging up the call."

Reza Lavasanijou says

"They are actually fast, but too expensive. There is no coordination between the pricing and the services"

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